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50-75 minutes

During our first session together, we will take a deep dive into your medical history, relationship with food, nutrition goals, body image, concerns, identifying barriers and so much more. From this comprehensive assessment, we will set up a personalized plan to start you on your journey away from dieting and towards putting intention into your eating habits.  Our follow up appointments is where the magic happens! It is a time to reflect on the progress, discuss barriers, and create new tangible goals to propel you towards your nutrition and personal goals.

Sessions Only

Nutrition Counseling

50% off with insurance*

The VIP package provides the ultimate support to improve your health. Along with your 1:1 sessions, you will have access to:

  • a dietitian in your pocket - messaging support between appointments!
  • a food/mood journal with weekly review from your dietitian
  • weekly check in forms for accountability 
  • the PCOS Empowerment Society -- self paced modules, meal plans, recipes, workbook, lab guide & more!
  • recommendations & review of appropriate lab work
  • 20% off your personalized supplement prescription 

VIP Package


Please note: all services are via HIPPA-compliant telehealth.

Work with Us

Our practice specializes in nutrition counseling for women's health:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) 

Binge Eating Disorder

Hashimotos, Celiac, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Intuitive Eating / Non-diet approach

Disordered Eating

Body Image concerns

Chronic Dieting

Infertility / Prenatal nutrition care

What to Expect

Realistic, convenient meals.

Eating should never be complicated. You will be provided easy, quick and convenient options for nights at home or while on-the-go. No fancy ingredients or superfoods. Not only will the suggested meals be easy, but they will be delicious (promise!).

Compassionate care.

We understand how difficult talking about food and our bodies can be. We take a weight-inclusive approach and provides a safe and warm environment to speak about these topics. 

All food groups.

Restriction and cutting out whole food groups is one of the many reasons why diets don't work. All foods can (and should!) absolutely fit into a healthy balanced diet with PCOS. Learn to enjoy carbohydrates in a way that feels good in your body.

A healthy relationship with food.

We provide exercises which practice avoiding labeling food as "good" or "bad", removing judgement with food choices and finding balance in our eating habits. Our food is only as healthy as our thoughts around it are.

Decide on the VIP package or sessions only & then get access to your client portal. On your client portal, you can self-schedule your appointments at your convenience. 




We take Blue Cross, United Healthcare & Allways Health Partners. You may check with your insurance to see if you have out-of-network benefits if you have a different insurance. If so, we can provide you a superbill, or a formal receipt, for potential reimbursement. 


Reach out through our contact form to help us answer any questions you may have and set up your nutrition sessions!



What Happens Next?


We are in-network with the following insurance providers.

It is highly recommended that you call your insurance company before your visit to find out what is covered under your specific plan, as Kathleen Reilly Nutrition LLC does not verify your benefits. Please call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and ask to speak to a representative.

It may be helpful to ask your insurance company the following questions:

- Is medical nutrition therapy/nutrition counseling a covered benefit under my plan?
- Does my plan only cover nutrition counseling for certain medical conditions? Do I have preventative nutrition counseling?
- Do I have any co-pays due at the time of visit? If so, how much is it?
- Do I have deductible to meet? If so, how much left?
- Do I need to obtain a referral or prior authorization before my visit?
- How many visits are covered?



Wbat Past Clients Say

- j.h. 

People are her passion. This course is for you if you want to have a community of women overcoming their obstacle of PCOS, reverse your symptoms and regulate your menstrual cycle -- which I can say I’m a living, walking example of. She is someone you want in your corner. Her strengths entail listening and absorbing exactly what you are saying, hearing you and being there for you. She truly leads her pcos community in knowledge and empowerment. If you want someone whose real and compassionate then look no further. If you want to welcome a stress- free and beautiful approach in gaining knowledge in your pcos diagnosis and ways to better your life with it, you will forever thank yourself after you complete this course."

"Kathleen is magic. She is SO amazing at what she does because it is her passion. 

- k.m. 

It is more like an insightful nutritional journey. Each experience we share together provides me with more knowledge and understanding of not only nutrition, but the "why" behind the decisions I make. She is so caring, non-judgemental, and extremely intelligent. She is always rooting for you and always goes the extra mile for all of her clients. You will not regret working with her."

"I would not describe my sessions with kathleen as visits, they are so much more than that.

- t.c. 

Kathleen helped me free myself from the societal noise and follow my own path. I wasted so much time in my life focused on good foods, versus bad foods and beating myself up for eating carbs or enjoying a treat.  I have come to realize that food is food, not good or bad and that it's all about balance and making choices to feel good in my skin."

"Working with Kathleen helped me to reframe my lifelong, torturous relationship with food"

- a.d.

What is so amazing is that there have been no "radical" changes made to my life, but the results of all the little changes have been radical. She provided me with priceless tools and an awareness about myself and my thoughts that I did not have before and it has made me feel so confident in my choices and mindset around food and body. They are not a constant battle or at the forefront of all of my thoughts anymore, rather just another part of my day that I KNOW I'm handling in the best way. One of my favorite things about my visits with Kat though, is how I felt truly cared for and supported in each session we had and in all the in betweens. I know she is always in my corner.

"I truly cannot thank Kat enough for all she has done for me.

- e.m. 

She is kind, attentive, a good listener and overall understanding and non-judgemental. She frequently checked in on me outside of our scheduled time, sending me helpful resources based on our conversations - even when I knew she was away on vacation! She is flexible and generous with her time. Most of all, she feels like a friend - even if we connected only over video call. I know I have connected with someone who is here to help me long-term, not just for a few scheduled appointments." 

"Kat has truly transformed my relationship with food in just a few months.

- l.b. 

Her approach to disordered eating recovery and intuitive eating is extremely personalized. She is very knowledgeable about her field and provides comforting reassurance throughout the entire process. She is always readily available to talk throughout the week between appointments. She brings a vibrant energy to every meeting and puts a smile on my face at every visit! I enjoy getting to work with her on a professional and personal level."

"I absolutely love working with kathleen.

- e.m. 

She is extremely knowledgeable, wholly supportive and incredibly positive in helping me with understanding my relationship with food and eating. I've been able to easily incorporate her guidance in my day to day without stress and have felt so much better since working with her!"

"Working with Kathleen has been transformative for me. 

- n.w

"For the past few years I had a hard time balancing my health, specifically my digestive issues and my joint pain. Working with Kathleen allowed me to understand how my food choices were affecting my health. Kathleen helped me understand the importance of eating healthy, and the benefit of incorporating a stronger plant–based diet."


- k.m. 

So glad I found Kathleen. Only a few sessions and my mind is already changing how I think about food! Highly recommend!

"The First time I feel seen, heard and not judged."